Patric Caird is an award-winning composer who has been writing music for film and television since 1994. In that time he has created more than 400 film and television scores which have broadcast across CBS, ABC and ABC Family, Fox, Showtime, Syfy, USA, Cartoon Network and MTV. For a list of projects, please refer to Patric’s IMDB page.

Patric has won the Genie Award (Canadian Academy Award) for his music and has twice won the Socan International Television Series Music Award. He has also been nominated for the Gemini (Canadian Emmy) and has garnered numerous other awards and nominations, including The Park City Film Music Festival Gold Medal for Excellence, several Leo Awards and The Yorkton International Documentary Film Award.

A citizen of Canada, the EU and the USA, Patric now lives in Los Angeles where he works from his Laurel Canyon studio.

For Patric’s availability, use the contact form to reach his agent Brice Gaeta at ICM.

“RAKE” – A FOX TV series

Some cues from season one of RAKE on FOX starring Greg Kinnear

“Space Milkshake” – A SciFi/Thriller/Comedy

Here’s an epic score for the very fun Foundation Features film starring Amanda Tapping, Kristen Kruek, Robin Dunne, Billy Boyd and the voice of George Takai.

Over an hour of brass and bombast with a splash of tender moments for sentimentalists.

“Peter and The Wolf” Score – Theatre Rusticle

Set on the eve of Peter’s death, The Wolf comes to visit one last time. Over the course of the night they trace their lives from their birth to the day that is now. The play looks at the final moments of one’s life while celebrating the fullness of each heartbeat.

Nominated: 2012 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Composition

“The Odds” Soundtrack – Kaos Productions

This feature film is a murder mystery set in the world of illegal teenage gambling.

“The French Guy” – Sleepy Dog Productions

2006 Park City Film Music Festival Gold Medal Winner

“The French Guy” – String Quartet Fragments

In the film a string quartet visit our heroine’s apartment and rehearse a piece in her living room. The music blurs the line between source and score as we cut away to scenes of a grissly murder taking place in the next room during the rehearsal. Only four fragments of the full quartet survived the achiving process… and are presented here. (If you listen carefully you can hear a variation on the main title theme towards the end of Fragment 2)

“Here’s To Life” – Mulberry Films

2001 Genie Award Winner

“Ed, Edd n Eddy” – Cartoon Network/aka animation inc

Music From the Feature Film “The Big Picture Show”